And as you would expect, we are proud of our operations. But its also nice to have outside confirmation of our beliefs, as described in this review from (reprinted with permission of the author)

"I had occasion to be in Henderson, Nevada this past Sunday and realized I was only a few minutes away from the railroad museum in Boulder. So, I went on over to check it out. I got there just in time for their last run with UP GP30 #844 and 4 cars. I have to say that these folks have done a supreme job of fixing up those old SP commute cars. They are fully air conditioned and sparkle like they're brand new. The interiors have been completely re-painted and upholstered, but there are still pure copper strips in the ceiling panels.

The trip is a backup move to just east of where highway 95 crosses over the old UP branch and return to Boulder City. I have never been to a museum operation that was any friendlier. These folks love to talk about how they acquired their equipment and what their hopes are for future expanded operations. The topper of the day for me though was at the end of the trip, a family ventured up to the 844 to check it out and as the little kids gazed up at the crew, they told them to come up. Those kids scramble up into that cab and their eyes were as big as pie plates. Then I could hear the bell ringing and horn blowing in a way only a kid could blow it and I thought to myself, those kids are having the time of their life up there. I walked back to my ride with a smile on my face thinking about how those kids will remember for the rest of their lives how they got to blow the horn and ring the bell.

And that my friends is what a railroad museum is all about........smiles, touching, hearing and feeling what a train really is. My hat is fully off to those volunteers at the Nevada Railroad Museum in Boulder City. It may not be the biggest or longest ride in town, but for my money, the hour or so I spent there was one of the most enjoyable I've ever spent. If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, stop by and buy a ticket, take a ride and drop a few bucks in the donation box (you know, that $20 you'd dump into a slot machine). They really deserve it. Thank you to all at Nevada Southern for a really nice day."