The enclosed passenger cars and the ADA compliant handicap car were built by the Pullman Company. They’re what are called Harriman Style. Passenger car number 602 was built in about 1910. Passenger car number 603 was built in 1913. They each can accommodate about 75 people. And for comfort in our climate, the enclosed cars have had air conditioning added for the summer and heating for the winter.

The term Harriman refers to railroad equipment built in the 1900's and 1910's to a set of common standards that were used by the Harriman controlled Southern Pacific and Union Pacific. The coaches are 72' 0" long over the end sills, 9'9-7/8" wide, and 14'0" from rail to top of roof. They are 80'8-7/8" long from coupler to coupler. Each coach weighs 119,900 lbs. without passengers. The coaches are constructed on a steel frame with steel channel and plate used throughout. The coach floor is poured concrete, which provides a smootther and quieter ride.